Gonzo Industrial is an experimental aerospace company and future cosmonaut training school founded by ex-astronaut (de-winged by the Russian Federation; it’s best not to ask…) Nick Gonzo, with grand designs for an intergalactic space station. The basic tenets of the Gonzo Utopian Society will be of knowledge, discovery, and scientific experimentation; a technocratic paradise funded by original prints, zines and comics.

Nick Gonzo is the architect, mad scientist, and international man of action at Gonzo Industrial. He writes AND he draws. Creator of comics such as 50Signal and Funk Soul Samurai, plus more groovy art (sequential and non) than you can fire a jet-powered rocket at. Nick believes everyone should be allowed to have nice things, and wants you to have physical objects you can hold, own, love, keep, and eventually be buried with.

Bash is the quaint mechanic, and arguably sane one, of Gonzo Industrial. She runs the site, the diary, and the shop.